We think of everything, so you don't have to.

Onyx’s comprehensive range of services covers virtually everything your organization needs to connect to the world. Whether we integrate new technology with your legacy system or start fresh with an entirely new system, Onyx has the experience and resources to get you all the features your institution requires, scalable and affordable. And it all comes with an extraordinary guarantee: you will save money on your monthly communications costs.

Cloud Phone Systems

Replacing traditional land lines and wiring, Onyx advanced cloud phone systems store everything — contacts, messages, even phone bills — online, making them less expensive and easier to use than traditional systems.


Rock-solid Onyx networks bring all your technology resources together, with the right combination of cable media and wireless for your organization’s needs.

Business Phone Systems

Onyx helps companies of all sizes — even in multiple locations and with a far flung workforces — to stay connected with full-featured, scalable systems that build on their current platform.


Our high speed connectivity means blazing fast intranet and Internet access for your entire operation, with the most advanced firewall security in the world.


With our high speed Onyxlynx telephone lines, we connect your new or existing phone system to the world, at better rates and a lot faster than the traditional phone companies.


Crisp and clear, Onyx advanced level conferencing brings people together from multiple locations around the globe with virtually no lag time or distortion.

For telephone systems, Onyx connects the dots.

Cloud phones

A virtual phone system from Onyx requires no hardware to buy or set up. You’ll avoid expensive contracts with affordable month-to-month service, and easily add or remove users or extensions as your business needs change.

Scalability to fit your needs

You’ll never have that feeling that you should have done something different last year. We make sure your system can grow with you with planned expandability.

Call Center Integration

Onyx can integrate your call center with your existing processes, programs, and web-based applications to enhance operations. So leads can be pushed directly into your CRM; or agents can open new work tickets for your support team, eliminating wasted time entering data.

Mobile Twinning

Mobile Twinning allows you link an external number to your desk extension.  The external number is typically a cell phone, hence the term “mobile twinning” or “cell twinning.”  So whenever your desk phone rings, so too will your “twinned” phone.

Why chose Onyx

  • We take the time to learn your business.
  • We fit our system to your needs.
  • We work with your legacy system.
  • We use the best components.
  • We stand behind our systems, 100%.

Who chooses Onyx?


From small private schools to colleges & universities, educators have reached out to Onyx to connect them to their peers.

Health Care

We specialize in the highly sensitive needs of long term care and assisted living facilities. Our systems are also in doctor’s offices and health care clinics throughout the region.


Travel industry offices, hotels, and fine resorts count on communication with their clients — so they count on Onyx to get it right.

Emergency Services

Onyx does much more than design and install systems. We back every installation we do with expert troubleshooting and rapid repairs. We maintain an accurate record of everything you have working for you, so you’ll never have to explain your system to get something done. We also keep track of software and firmware updates that are available for your systems, upgrading automatically throughout the year.

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